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"This has changed my thoughts about travel by bus and tour groups!! Loved the relaxed, calm manner of the pace." — Pam G.

"This is one of the most relaxing, reality escaping trips to have ever been on."—Anne E.

"Unless you've already found paradise - this is the next best thing - trying to find it with a great bunch of people." — Dave C.

"Traveling in a group was NOT an issue." — Bruce H.

"I LOVED this and had a great time!!!" — Diane W.

"Stupendous." — Paula E.

"Being on a bus trip for a week with a group of strangers was not an issue after the first 20 minutes of being together. Parrotheads share a common love of life, love, laughter and Buffett music. I loved the history and inside information into the Keys and Jimmy's life." — Anne H.

"Like the promo said, you may make life-long friends and we did!" — Lori H.

"I loved the fact that there were days I never got out of my bathing suit. Loved the boating and kayaking! Great job!" — Howard T.

"Great trip! Saw many sites we would not have seen on our own." — Vicki P.

"Sad it is over." — Lynnette CTestimonials | Experience Seaside Dining.

"We generally avoid 'tour' with groups but this was most excellent and would do it again in a heartbeat." — Dave C.

"I feel this has been a great trip and plan to do other trips with these leaders." — Brenda S.

"It was an adventure, not a tour, yet we experienced very interesting sites and had a blast with the other members of the group." — Ken M.

"Change nothing! It was perfect!" — Susie M.

"It was awesome!" — John S.

"Parrot heads forever! The staff was incredible! Locations fun and funky and the group was the perfect blend of friendliness and crazy off-beat humor and fun." — Susie M.

"Total fun, educational (history of the area), and great bunch of people, your staff were excellent, professional, and above expectations." — Rick S.

"I was apprehensive about group travel. We usually do our own thing! However, this was a great combo of planned and unplanned time." — Barb B.

"I will recommend this to my family and friends. It was well planned and executed. Leadership was excellent. Subject matter was covered beautifully." — Brenda S. Testimonials | Enjoy Our Guided Day Trips or Set Out On Your Own

"I have never been on a group tour before and thought I would try it. Hey it worked for me and I think it would be great fun for others also."
— Terry G.