Traveling with a group can be a rewarding and cost effective way to live your dream.

You’ve been dreaming of that perfect vacation, trading the daily rat race for some quiet, me time. Have you considered group travel, sharing experiences and places with like-minded people such as yourself? Have you pooh-poohed that idea at the expense of your dream vacation? If the answer is yes, we beg the question, WHY?

AFFORDABLE TRAVEL — Sharing the cost of meals, accommodations and transportation among a group reduces your travel expenses and provides some group perks such as reduced pricing on some tours and other activities.

EASIER, SAFER TRAVEL — Vacations are meant as an escape from the daily grind.  It is a time to relax and unwind, explore and discover. So, let someone else take care of the details. This is valuable time that doesn’t have to be spent worrying about how you’re going to get there, what you’re going to do when you get there and where your next meal is coming from.

INCREASE THE FUN FACTOR — With less time spent on planning itineraries, meals, accommodations and activities, you have more time to do the things you dreamed about, whether on your own or as a group. Being surrounded by like-minded people offers you the chance to share experiences and make new memories together.

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Here’s what our guests say about our trips!

Testimonials | Read What Fellow Parrot Heads Say About Our Trips

"This has changed my thoughts about travel by bus and tour groups!! Loved the relaxed, calm manner of the pace." — Pam G.

"This is one of the most relaxing, reality escaping trips to have ever been on."—Anne E.

"Unless you've already found paradise - this is the next best thing - trying to find it with a great bunch of people." — Dave C.

"Traveling in a group was NOT an issue." — Bruce H.

"I LOVED this and had a great time!!!" — Diane W.

"Stupendous." — Paula E.

"Being on a bus trip for a week with a group of strangers was not an issue after the first 20 minutes of being together. Parrotheads share a common love of life, love, laughter and Buffett music. I loved the history and inside information into the Keys and Jimmy's life." — Anne H.

"Like the promo said, you may make life-long friends and we did!" — Lori H.

"I loved the fact that there were days I never got out of my bathing suit. Loved the boating and kayaking! Great job!" — Howard T.

"Great trip! Saw many sites we would not have seen on our own." — Vicki P.

"Sad it is over." — Lynnette C

"We generally avoid 'tour' with groups but this was most excellent and would do it again in a heartbeat." — Dave C.

"I feel this has been a great trip and plan to do other trips with these leaders." — Brenda S.

"It was an adventure, not a tour, yet we experienced very interesting sites and had a blast with the other members of the group." — Ken M.

"Change nothing! It was perfect!" — Susie M.

"It was awesome!" — John S.

"Parrot heads forever! The staff was incredible! Locations fun and funky and the group was the perfect blend of friendliness and crazy off-beat humor and fun." — Susie M.

"Total fun, educational (history of the area), and great bunch of people, your staff were excellent, professional, and above expectations." — Rick S.

"I was apprehensive about group travel. We usually do our own thing! However, this was a great combo of planned and unplanned time." — Barb B.

"I will recommend this to my family and friends. It was well planned and executed. Leadership was excellent. Subject matter was covered beautifully." — Brenda S.

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"I have never been on a group tour before and thought I would try it. Hey it worked for me and I think it would be great fun for others also."
— Terry G.