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  • ALL accommodations:
    • Two nights at Cahal Pech Village Resort in San Ignacio Village 
    • Two nights at Lamanai Outpost Lodge in Orange Walk
    • Three nights at Xanadu Island Resort in San Pedro on the island of Ambergris Caye
  • ALL transportation (while on tour)
  • 14 delicious meals!
  • 2 on-site guide extraordinaires! 
  • ALL entrance fees, porterage, and entertainment fees
  • And much more!


  • Travel through the dense tropical canopy, and be on the lookout for wildlife including Toucans, Howler Monkeys, or maybe a Jaguar or a Crocodile.
  • Relax and slumber in jungle cabanas with thatched roofs.
  • Explore lush balmy-tropical islands with swaying palms, overlooking one of the world’s most stunning coral reefs.
  • Experience great surprises along the way!
  • Traveling to Cayo District, Orange Walk District, and Ambergris Caye.

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Phone: 1-800-598-9853

A Salty Piece of Land - Belize Jungle & Island Expedition Itinerary

Photos Credit: Some Photos Featured are Courtesy Of The Belize Tourism Board

[Meal codes are B=Breakfast, L=Lunch, D=Dinner]

Salty Piece of Land - Belize Jungle & Island Expedition Day 1: You gotta appreciate the places where you still have to climb down from the plane onto the airfield.

You've just touched down in Belize, the only part of the colonial British realm that has Maya pyramids. Apparently there are some major discoveries being made in the jungles as we head in the direction of Guatemala. We will need to find a jungle lodge that will host us. I'm hoping for swing bridges and dense canopy so that the night envelopes us, allowing for a good night's sleep. We are going to need it! [D]

Salty Piece of Land - Belize Jungle & Island Expedition Day 2: This might be a perfect day to explore some waterfalls.

Our updated adventure journal calls for exploring some beautiful waterfalls in the jungle, and tonight we will gather at a local market place for some well-earned feasting. [B,L]

Salty Piece of Land - Belize Jungle & Island Expedition Day 3: I keep getting this 'floating sensation'. I know I am not dreaming, so what does this mean?

The wire cable says that we are in for a full day's adventure. When we lost contact, they were telling us to meet them by some caves?

Hitting the road later today, our next lodge is best accessible by riverboat. I'm wondering if the "African Queen" is still available.

Was that a toucan that I just saw flying by? Here at the beautiful Lamanai Outpost, we have some really exciting plans. This place is really deep, deep in the tropical jungle so all kinds of creatures are afoot.

The lodge tonight should have some great food and froth. It will be a fantastic way to celebrate with my travelling adventurers, both old and new. [B,L,D]

Salty Piece of Land - Belize Jungle & Island Expedition Day 4: Finally, finally, I have the chance to climb a Maya Temple.

With names like Mask Temple, Jaguar Temple and High Temple, we are going to feel like we are in an Indiana Jones movie. This site, under excavation since the 1970's is the remnant of a mighty Maya culture. We are going to climb High Temple and maybe make a sacrifice. Now which one of our new friends can we afford to lose? Well, maybe no sacrifices today.

But be prepared...tonight is going to be a night of nocturnal wonder. [B,L,D]

Salty Piece of Land - Belize Jungle & Island Expedition Day 5: Amidst one of the world's most amazing coral reefs, how incredibly beautiful.

Our new home for the remainder of our time here is on the bustling islet of Ambergris Caye. I think the last sighting of Tully Mars was somewhere here on this island. Boy are we going to have fun around here. [B,D]

Salty Piece of Land - Belize Jungle & Island Expedition Day 6: Boating, partying in tropical waters

Off by boat to some incredible coral reefs and tropical islands with stunning beaches. Belize has one of the largest coral reef systems in the world; pristine waters and colorful marine life will dominate our day at sea. [L]

Salty Piece of Land - Belize Jungle & Island Expedition Day 7: Here we are floating around a thatched hut bar at the end of a pier, seemingly at the end of the world.

Some friendly expat Americans here in San Pedro have this bar where they lower drinks down from above as we float around in tropical waters. We have an entire day to enjoy this island and its unique shops and hangouts, let's take this chance to meet some locals. [L,D]

Salty Piece of Land - Belize Jungle & Island Expedition Day 8: A final water taxi run to Belize City

It is hard to leave an exotic outpost like Belize but if we never leave, how are we going to be able to go on...the next Margaritaville Adventure?